What happens when you buy your socks

Processing our sock orders

What happens when you buy your socks

In this video, we have a quick look at what actually happens when you order your Capricorn Mohair Socks from ourselves.

All this we do from rural Northumberland and we literally ship all over the world, lots of happy customers receive and appreciate their UK-made Mohair Socks.

In this video, we give you a snapshot of what happens when you order Capricorn Mohair socks.
  • We hold all our socks in stock
  • We personally check over every pair of socks before they are shipped to you
  • We personally pack your socks for you
  • We use local staff and postage to get your socks to you in the perfect condition

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  • Pamela Shaw Reply

    I love your socks and have bought them in the past, but I’m concerned about the promotional material on YOU Tube, where the spelling appears to be suspect; should you want any clarification, please contact me for proof reading; Regards,
    Pam Shaw

    No charge.

    June 4, 2023 at 7:19 pm

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