Scotland Trade Fair 2024

Scotland Trade Fair 2024 - Quality UK made socks

Scotland Trade Fair 2024

For well over a decade we have exhibited twice a year at the Scotland Trade Fair.

This is not open to the general public but it is where we meet up with our ‘trade’ accounts, the retailers we have around the country and overseas.

As you may know, Capricorn Mohair Socks has the largest number of retailers around the UK, if you want to find your local retailer you can find a list of them on our store locator.

We have a representative in Scotland who visits our retailers throughout the year, for the show she is joined by Tracy, who manages Capricorn Mohair Socks in our base in Northumberland.

During these shows, we introduce our retailers to new colours and styles of socks we have coming up for the coming season.

Below are a few videos you may find interesting, for more videos like these please follow us on Instagram or YouTube.

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