Cream Socks – why are they so kind to your feet

Socks that are king to your feet

Cream Socks – why are they so kind to your feet

What makes Cream socks a great option for those with sensitive feet?

If people don’t know, the cream is the undyed sock.


We knit everything in the natural fibre, and then dye the sock in its entirety to the colour that we require. But with the cream socks, they’re undyed.

So all we do is put a little bit of conditioner in there just to soften them up, and they’re the best and most kind to your feet you can get. So if you’ve got sensitive feet, or sometimes you can get irritation with your feet, or you want a really good quality sock.

Over the years we have worked alongside many chiropodists and podiatrists after they have discovered our socks they recommend them to their clients.

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