About Capricorn Socks

Probably the best socks you will ever buy

Because all the socks are knitted in the UK and are made with care and attention to detail, these will probably be the best socks you will ever buy.

Warm and Comfortable

Mohair is a fibre that is well known for it’s warmth and comfort. It therefore creates the ideal sock for those who wish to have warm and comfortable feet.

Machine Washable

You can wash your Mohair socks in a washing machine on a warm wool wash cycle, without the excessive shrinkage. When we have a stand at outside shows it is not unusual for customers to proudly bring their Capricorn Mohair socks purchased the previous year to show us how well they have worn and washed. Our only complaint is that people say they don’t wear out so they don’t need any more. We would far rather that than people complaining that their socks have holes in and are worm.


Mohair is a very hard-wearing fibre and for this reason it is used for fabrics on aircraft seats. Many of our customers tell us that they have purchased ‘good quality’ socks from well-known stores and they have worn out within three or four months, whereas their Capricorn Mohair Socks are still wearing well!

Do not smell after use, it’s true!

If you look at wool under a microscope you see little burrs. These burrs provide a hiding place for the bacteria that make wool socks smell. Mohair is a smooth fibre with no hiding places for bacteria and that is why mohair socks do not smell.

This always turns into a bit of a joke when somebody buys a pair of socks for their husband, wife, daughter or son, they expect to prove us wrong. They then ring up, often shocked saying they can’t believe it, they no longer have smelly socks.